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February 2022

Partners, not Outsourcers: How We Handle Client Feedback and Ideas

Over 4,000 — that’s the rough average number of emails and Notion messages each of our project managers receives from clients every year. That’s around 330 messages per month, excluding communication that takes place on platforms like Figma, Miro,.

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January 2022

Get Inspired: 9 Must-Know 2022 Website Design Trends

Remember the websites of the late 90’s? Cluttered layouts, garish colors, and the pervasive Times New Roman — in the infancy days of the internet, the web would put up with anything. Back then, just having a website for your business meant living.

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December 2021

Global or Local? When to Consider Creating Multilingual Content with HubSpot CMS

This just in: English is the number one global language, and it’s no different on the internet. Still, most web users — 74.1%, to be exact — speak other languages, deciding to go multilingual is a no-brainer for online businesses.

The sheer volume.

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November 2021

Why Pay $400 a Month for HubSpot When WordPress Is "Free"?

"What you'll find is that our products are usually not premium priced. Go ahead and price out our competitors' products. Add the features that you have to add to make them useful, and you will find that they are in most cases more expensive than.

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September 2021

Why Content Marketing and B2B SaaS Are Made For Each Other

Buffer, HubSpot, Shopify, InVision, Canva, Salesforce... We could go all night name-dropping multi-billion SaaS brands that made their name using amazing content. Instead, let’s check out the facts: 60% of top-performing B2B brands have a documented.

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June 2021

Are You Moving to HubSpot? Check if You Should Migrate the Existing Site or Build it From Scratch

You’ve made the decision. You are moving your website to HubSpot. It’s fast, secure, personalized, and it takes the pain out of managing your content. And then you think: ‘Isn’t migration a perfect opportunity to perk up my web design?’ 

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May 2021

+14 Collaboration Tools We Use to Turn Teamwork Into Dream Work

We started 6Minded in 2015 as a remote company, but always with the view of ultimately launching a physical office where our creatives could come together and work together.

This vision has only partially come true to this day. Our team members are.

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April 2021

10 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Remote Freelancer [CHECKLIST]

In the last 12 months, our agency has worked with more than 50 freelancers. Fifty. And we found almost all of them unsuitable for the job. 

Going through dozens of freelancer test projects and assignments to find someone who can meet our.

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March 2021

Implementing HubSpot CRM? Don’t Even Start Without These 4 Fundamentals

You know what they say, learn from others’ mistakes. So instead of messing up your HubSpot implementation, check out these best practices based on our own (early) experiences. They will help you get it right the first time.

Now we can admit it - in.

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