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June 2023

Effective B2B Strategies to Collect Customer Feedback

According to a study by G2, 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review. But how to get customer feedback in the first place? And what to do when it could be more enthusiastic?

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April 2023

A 6-Minute Checklist to Teach You How to Launch a Website Successfully

Imagine spending six months designing, developing, and fine-tuning a perfect website to promote your business. You team up with graphic designers, copywriters, and developers, plan the layout, dwell on the ideal font type and size, and choose just.

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April 2023

2023 Web Design Trends: What’s In and What’s Out?

Web design resembles fashion: new trends are mercilessly replacing the current ones every season. At the same time, some timeless styles never get old.To keep the fashion metaphor going, your business’ website serves as its best outfit. 50% of.

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April 2022

Website Usability: What Is It, Why Care, and How to Improve It?

Imagine you’re looking for new headphones. Not just any headphones, but a pair that will serve you for years on Zoom calls and when you catch up on your favorite audiobook. You want to ensure that the sound quality is top and that the set sits.

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January 2022

Get Inspired: 9 Must-Know 2022 Website Design Trends

Remember the websites of the late ’90s? Cluttered layouts, garish colors, and the pervasive Times New Roman — in the infancy days of the internet, the web would put up with anything. Back then, just having a website for your business meant living.

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