Tailored Data Management Strategy Simplifies Ardigen’s Sales Process

July 2023

Ardigen helps researchers revolutionize personalized medicine and drug discovery through AI-driven platforms and custom services. It hired 6Minded to build a custom solution based on HubSpot CRM to adjust its sales efforts to the rapidly expanding client portfolio. The goal of improving the deal-closing system and saving time on tedious, repetitive tasks was attained effectively. The new platform has automated complex data recording and simplified sales processes, saving 10 monthly hours on offer generation alone.

Ardigen Company information

Multifaceted expert in AI-based precision medicine

Ardigen leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence and data science to make significant strides in precision medicine. The company's AI-driven platforms and services translate complex biological data into actionable insights, revolutionizing the approach to personalized medicine and targeted therapies. With robust expertise in AI, bioinformatics and supporting each step in the drug development process, Ardigen serves as a strategic partner for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Offering advanced solutions tailored to their specific research and development needs, the company accelerates the discovery and development of innovative therapies.

The field of Ardigen’s specialization constantly evolves, as do its challenges and clients' expectations. With various experts working on highly sensitive data, the company needed a robust resource management system that would automate sales offer creation and streamline task prioritization while keeping data protected and anonymized. This is especially crucial in the biotechnology industry, where data recording and processing must be handled diligently due to the sensitivity and vulnerability of information to security threats. 

A quest to release sales teams’ potential

Ardigen assists companies in harnessing the power of AI to boost the probability of success in drug discovery and development, resulting in accelerated timelines and cost efficiencies for new therapies. To deliver on this task, the company’s sales teams conduct an in-depth analysis of the client's needs for each potential project to determine whether challenges can be best addressed using its proprietary technologies, such as the PhenAID platform and the Target ID Platform or through a custom project.

With dozens of global partners and hundreds of high-complexity undertakings, the previous sales process wasn’t optimal for the rapidly increasing volume of custom projects. Thus, CRM operations became overly complicated and time-consuming, shifting the sales team’s focus from making deals to assigning resources, estimating project work hours, and compiling client offers by hand. 

To redirect the sales teams’ attention from paperwork to customer-oriented, added-value tasks, Ardigen needed a simplified, custom-built data management and resource allocation solution. Using our HubSpot CRM tool expertise and the client’s insights, we’ve built a system that provided clear insight into available experts, their rates, availabilities, and alignment with the project requirements. Transparent, easy access to data has enabled Ardigen’s sales reps to identify the most well-equipped experts, allocate them effectively, and calculate budgets, thus, enhancing project delivery and quality and benefitting the company's customers.

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New human resources data management strategy for faster deal-closing in custom services projects

For custom services projects, it's necessary to engage specialists from various fields to assemble a team that best prepares a solution to address the client's challenge. To streamline this process, we have implemented Marketing Hub and Sales Hub, as well as the Custom Objects tool, to design an efficient data management strategy.

As a result, when a deal reaches the proposal stage of the pipeline, Ardigen sales representatives can efficiently select experts for the project. Specific Expert types can be assigned from a multi-select property, prompting the system to automatically generate one Resource object for each. This approach allows for a more seamless offer-building process, ultimately serving the client more effectively.

Let’s visualize it with an example.

A sales rep selects in a multi-select property four Expert types from many available:

  • Life Science Team Lead A
  • AI Engineer B
  • Software Engineer A
  • Bioinformatician B

Then, four Resource types are created accordingly through HubSpot workflows, one for every Expert type.

HubSpot Scheme

Since rates are pre-defined in multiple currencies, the sales rep must only enter the number of person-days for each Resource type and month. Then, through a series of calculated properties, they are added up and multiplied by the rate in multiple currencies. We enabled inline editing in the list view to avoid updating every value individually and ensure this process is as simple and fast as possible.

As the next step, calculated roll-up properties are used to sum up the total values of all associated Resources. There is a separate property for the whole resource amount in each currency. Finally, the correct total is copied to the deal amount based on the deal’s currency. Additionally, automations combine the data from the deal and its associated Resources to produce an easy-to-interpret dataset used in the sales process. 

As a result, all data from the HubSpot CRM tool is organized within a clear and structured space. Changing a single property on the deal record generates the report, saving the sales reps’ time on building manual reports.

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Full automation, hours saved on each process related to custom service projects

After implementing the new data management strategy and applying our HubSpot workflows-based solution, Ardigen streamlined and automated key elements of its sales process.

Before, sales teams had to calculate rates and deals based on 90 different combinations of Expert types and regions; now, they achieve this with a few clicks of a button. Accurate reporting is no longer a problem, as 33 sales-related data points are reliably recorded, making historical changes easy to track. 15% of these data points are fully automated, requiring zero input from the sales reps.

Thanks to the updated system in the HubSpot CRM tool, Ardigen is on the path to scaling its team using the simplified sales process. The previous drawn-out process was reduced from 11 to 7 steps, shortening the sales cycle. Now, sales professionals spend less time navigating the system and entering data manually, redirecting their efforts to more complex and rewarding tasks. This way, automated data recording alone saves 10 hours/month on generating offers, promising more time for actual selling. And this is just one instance of a process where notable time-savings have been generated, thanks to the combined powers of HubSpot automations and 6Minded’s extensive automation expertise.

Key metrics:

  • 10h/month/person saved on manual data input and calculations;
  • 15% of data recording fully automated;
  • 85% of data points collected per month organized and error proofed.

Certified diamond partner for all your HubSpot needs

Expertise and trust of our clients—this is what allowed 6Minded to join the top 2% certified HubSpot agencies.

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