What’s HubSpot Accreditation and What it Means to Your Business

February 2024

HubSpot certificates are well-known in sales and marketing, especially for those familiar with HubSpot products like CRM, CMS, and Service Hub. But have you heard about HubSpot accreditation?

HubSpot accreditation is an exclusive distinction reserved for partner organizations above a certain status. As Diamond-status partners and recognized HubSpot experts, 6Minded belongs to this elite group, held to high standards of expertise and subject to regular reviews to maintain our status.

Our recent achievement of the prestigious HubSpot accreditation in February 2024 sets us apart as the sole partner in the CEE region and one of only 20 across Europe with this recognition, as per publicly available HubSpot Ecosystem data from February 2024. This Data Migration Accreditation highlights our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional data migration solutions. 

Want to know more about HubSpot accreditation and its significance for our clients? Explore our story to uncover the secrets behind our success!

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What is HubSpot accreditation?

How many HubSpot partners have HubSpot accreditation?

Prerequisites for HubSpot partners to obtain HubSpot accreditation

HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation

What is HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation?

6Minded HubSpot accreditation: how we achieved it

🔩 Microsoft Dynamics ERP to HubSpot migration for steel scrap and non-ferrous metals trading company

🏋🏽 Campaign revenue tracking for a fitness brand

What does it all mean to you?

What is HubSpot accreditation? 

HubSpot accreditation is a prestigious credential that requires a high level of expertise demonstrated through practical application and specific prerequisites. Reserved only to organizations, HubSpot accreditation highlights technical proficiency, the ability to address complex business needs effectively, and dedication to assisting customers with excellence. HubSpot accreditation applicants must be approved as Platinum or tier above HubSpot Solutions Partners.

You can read more about the program on HubSpot’s Partner Credentials page.

How many HubSpot partners have HubSpot accreditation?

Due to its strict requirements, only a handful of HubSpot experts have acquired the prestigious HubSpot accreditation. Here are a few numbers* to paint a bigger picture:

🏆 44 HubSpot partners hold the HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation
🌍 20 HubSpot partners in Europe hold the HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation
1️⃣ 6Minded is the only HubSpot partner in the CEE region that holds the HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation

*Based on HubSpot Ecosystem data from February 2024.


Understanding Data Migration Project Complexity – 2

Prerequisites for HubSpot partners to obtain HubSpot accreditation

Before diving into the HubSpot accreditation process, there are a few boxes organizations have to check:

  • Assemble a dedicated internal team of three to five full-time employees (excluding freelancers or contractors) to fulfill certification prerequisites.
  • Ensure that at least three team members are certified in each prerequisite certification within the Essential Certification Pack.
  • Confirm that at least two team members are certified in each accreditation-specific prerequisite for the areas targeted for accreditation.
  • Achieve Platinum-tier or higher status as a HubSpot Solutions Partner and maintain good standing with HubSpot.

For the HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation, HubSpot experts must also:

  • Ensure there are at least two HubSpot Architecture I certified users.
  • Complete at least two distinct data migration projects in the last 12 months, utilizing various tools and solutions.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in migrating data to standard HubSpot objects with additional contextual data beyond relying solely on HubSpot-native import tools.
  • Exhibit familiarity with popular CRMs, marketing automation platforms, or helpdesk systems besides HubSpot.

HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation

Maintaining a stellar reputation and adhering to HubSpot's rigorous standards throughout the accreditation process, we've achieved the prestigious HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation.

What is HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation?

HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation is a testament to a business's proficiency in handling complex customer data migrations from their previous CRM platforms to HubSpot. It showcases expertise in various areas, including data strategy and architecture, migration API development, and executing a meticulous migration process. Partners awarded this accreditation position themselves as trusted HubSpot experts for businesses seeking to optimize their CRM systems and maximize their data management capabilities.

What makes a data migration process complex? There are a few factors to consider:

  • Number of Systems: Any project involving more than 3 data sources or including ERP systems that typically entail intricate data structures and processes, requiring careful handling during migration.
  • Volume of Records: Projects with hundreds of thousands or millions of records, especially if the data structure is convoluted or exceeds the import tool limits. Large datasets may need extensive data cleanup, validation, and custom logic application, increasing project complexity.
  • Data Associations: Projects with compound sets of data associations, such as parent-child company relationships or intricate labeling rules. Designing intuitive user processes to ensure consistent data entry becomes crucial.
  • Engagements: Complex projects often involve parallel system operation or significant process changes alongside migration. Implementing two-way sync or dealing with re-mapping and testing requires more effort.
  • Record Types: Certain types of records, such as dates and timestamps, products and line items, marketing assets, and subscription/recurring payments data, pose specific challenges during migration due to their intricacy.
  • Business Use Cases: Custom integrations, multi-currency/global sales operations, and e-commerce setups require careful planning and resource-intensive efforts to ensure successful migration.

Understanding Data Migration Project Complexity

6Minded HubSpot accreditation: how we achieved it

Our journey to HubSpot accreditation was marked by two demanding data migration projects completed for industry-leading clients. One stands out in steel scrap and non-ferrous metals trading, while the other leads in the fitness industry.

🔩 Microsoft Dynamics ERP to HubSpot migration for steel scrap and non-ferrous metals trading company

The first use case centered on migrating data from Microsoft Dynamics ERP and the BDO database to HubSpot, aiming to enhance sales teams' capabilities. We aimed to provide salespeople with easier access to crucial deal and client information, streamline route planning, facilitate goal tracking, and enable more efficient progress reporting. The main challenges our client faced included the following:

  • Manually associating parent and child companies.
  • Matching records from the BDO database with companies in ERP.
  • Extracting company owner information from ledger entries.

To overcome these challenges, we implemented a meticulous migration method. This involved merging ERP and BDO data for consistency before importing them into HubSpot. Ongoing integration via API ensured continuous synchronization, supported by rigorous testing protocols and post-migration support for a smooth transition and long-term success.

🏋🏽 Campaign revenue tracking for a fitness brand

Our other client, already operating in HubSpot, entrusted us with setting up a robust campaign revenue tracking system. The client was knowledgeable and handled the necessary data import for further process development and testing. However, our team encountered several challenges during the project:

  • The existing setup, implemented by a previous vendor, failed to align with the company's requirements.
  • The provided data proved too intricate for simple line-item campaign tracking.

Recognizing the need for tailored pipelines to ensure accurate campaign forecasts, we constructed the project's data framework around deals and campaigns using custom objects. This strategic approach empowered our client's sales teams to navigate data more efficiently and seamlessly incorporate additional custom objects without disrupting the established structure.

Both projects wrapped up successfully, showcasing our dedication to overcoming complex data migration challenges and offering customized solutions that help our clients thrive in their industries.

1_Understanding Data Migration Project Complexity – 1

What does it all mean to you?

Now, you may wonder what difference it makes to be HubSpot accredited to our clients. First, when you choose a company with HubSpot Accreditation, you're opting for a partner that has undergone rigorous training and assessment, meeting the highest standards set by HubSpot. This accreditation signifies a deep understanding of HubSpot products and a commitment to excellence in implementing solutions. 

As a client, this translates to confidence in receiving top-notch services. You can trust that your projects will be handled precisely, ensuring seamless integration and use of HubSpot tools tailored to your needs.

Furthermore, a HubSpot Accredited company brings added value through ongoing commitment and expertise. With access to the latest industry insights and updates, our team is well-equipped to provide innovative strategies and solutions, empowering your business to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of sales, marketing, and customer service.

How does that sound? Good? Then, go ahead and get in touch with the 6Minded team to see what value we can bring to help your teams work more efficiently, tap more clients, and provide higher-value services. 

Certified diamond partner for all your HubSpot needs

Expertise and trust of our clients—this is what allowed 6Minded to join the top 2% certified HubSpot agencies.

How did we get there and what does it mean for your business?


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